Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ashwood Nurseries Meadow, 5th August

Left, Tom Woodhall, Right, Patrick Clement.
Photo Joy Stevens
A session to obtain moths for a public event the following day at this South Staffordshire site. A cool clear night but some good moths nevertheless with at least a couple of  'crowd pleasers'  for the following day in the form of Gold Spot and Black Arches!

The Crescent reflects the presence of a canal alongside the meadow and two good micros were Cnephasia genitalana and Trifurcula immundella.

The Acleris was taken in the hope, rather than anticipation, that it might be Strawberry Tortrix as it was trapped by a bank of wild strawberries, but of course it was laterana .........

Patrick Clement

Acleris laterana

The Crescent
Cnephasia genitalana


  1. Yes, aren't they always laterana.

    1. I thought I might be on to a winner with larvae feeding on my strawberry plants, but so far only Light Brown Apple have emerged!

  2. Is that you with a reference book out?

    1. I've only just noticed this remark - I shall pretend I haven't seen it ........


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