Friday, 12 August 2016

Bringsty Common August 11th

It seems we are stuck in a strong breeze these days and the garden is bone dry too. On suitable nights I have been running one, occasionally two mv lights in the garden. Numbers seem to be dropping by the night as we head into the late Summer lull period. Last night I recorded 40 macro and 23 micro species. The night before 40 macro and 18 micro species. Lots of second broods appearing. Most unusual was a second brood Notocelia cynosbatella. Not a lot of note,  a Gold Spot, a nice female Orange Swift, plenty of Dusky Thorn, Canary-shouldered and also August and September Thorns. Topping the frequency lists are Flame Shoulder and Straw Dot and moving ahead of Agriphila straminella is tristella into number 1 micro slot. The "Scoparids" are now almost exclusively Eudonia mercurella.
Bringsty Common: Nicrophorus investigator with a heavy load

Bringsty Common: Orange Swift (female)

Bringsty Common: Common Wave

Bringsty Common: Gold Spot - fresh from the fridge before it wakes up lined up against the drawings in Skinner

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