Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Bringsty Common August 22nd

It seems very quiet out there, no-one reporting anything. Last night I ran one trap in the garden and recorded 284 moths split between 35 species of macro and 20 species of micro. I don't think I have ever had Brimstone as the commonest moth before, but it topped the bill with 31, followed by Flame Shoulder at 28, Agriphila tristella (26), Large Yellow Underwing (24). Square-spot Rustic numbers continue to build up and Flounced Rustic also. Centre-barred Sallow must be imminent. Each evening there is a gathering of Acentria ephemerella in the grass around the trap, but I have only seen one inside this year. The anticipated explosion in numbers of Plutella xylostella hasn't happened after the mass immigration in early June, with 1 in the trap last night. Overall rather unexciting.

Bringsty Common August 23rd: Centre-barred Sallow

Bringsty Common August 23rd: Large Yellow are back!
Update! The very next night a Centre-barred Sallow turned up. Autumn is here. Also the temporary top moth (Brimstone) was replaced by a more typical one. Large Yellow Underwing, whose numbers are going up with each session. 54 last night. The trap must have been very active with so many bashing about. Peter Hall

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