Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bringsty Common August 2nd

Moth numbers are still very hit or miss depending on the weather. I was supposed to be trapping in the Chilterns, but persistent heavy showers in that area meant I cancelled my involvement at least. Back home it looked drier, so I put out 2 traps in the garden. I was rewarded with 71 macro species and so far 48 micro species and rather large numbers of some species too. The traps were quite busy. Of interest was my first Rosy Rustic of the year, my first Copper Underwing (hindwings checked) and the first Olive for the garden. Numbers of Flame Shoulder, Dingy Footman, Common Rustic dominated the macros whilst Blastobasis adustella topped the micros. Other species of interest: September Thorn, Bordered Beauty, Dotted Clay, Magpie and Dusky Thorn. There were also very good numbers of Lyonetia clerkella, presumably coming off of the apple trees, where the mines are prevalent. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Lyonetia clerkella

Bringsty Common: Magpie

Bringsty Common: Olive

Bringsty Common: Rosy Rustic

Bringsty Common: Acleris forsskaleana

Bringsty Common: Blastobasis adustella

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  1. Yes, I had Rosy Rustic on the campsite and Canary-shouldered Thorn - autumn is waiting in the wings ........


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