Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Triaxomasia caprimulgella to LUN lure

 I put out the LUN lure today to attract Lunar Hornet Moth.

No luck so far but at about 17:15 when I was checking it a micro moth began circling the trap and and then went in.

Turned out to be Triaxomasia caprimulgella which is thought to feed on dead wood.

I suspect there are very few Worcestershire records but it is known to be attracted to the LUN lure and we are likely to get more records with increasing use of pheremone lures.

Triaxomasia caprimulgella

Triaxomasia caprimulgella

Pete Smith


  1. Hi Pete, also one to LUN in Hagley in the last couple of days.

  2. P.S. Could you upload your images to WMM please?

  3. Hi Patrick, probably not as scarce as once thought. Yes I will upload the images.


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