Saturday, 25 June 2022

More pheromoning by-catch Results in Warndon

Having read posts about API (Six-belted Clearwing Lure) on Facebook attracting various 'clothes moths' I hung out my 9 year old lure on my large garden birch tree at the end of May, in more vague hope than expectancy! On the evening of the 8th June I noticed a small tineid moth had been caught. Having potted and fridged it I got a record shot in the pot next day.
I was pretty sure this was Nemapogon variatella and Jon Newman kindly added a thumbs up. He had already had several confirmed from same capture method at Peterborough, Cambs. My moth was very white indeed compare to Cork Moth, Corn Moth but unfortunately had a mis-formed wing angle. A week later another moth, this time in much better condition was spotted in trap mid-evening.
(photo Patrick Clement) This moth was later confirmed as a male N. variatella by PC - so these 2 now bring the county total to four. Am now trying the VES (Yellow-legged Clearwing Lure) in the same spot, evening and night only in the hope of another species!

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