Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Dymock Forest June 23rd

Having travelled south on Monday I spent 2 days and nights moth trapping successfully in Bucks before migrating over to Herefordshire for another 2 nights of moth trapping plus a moth breakfast with Robin Hemming. I was in a sleep deprived haze at the cold and windy moth breakfast. Dymock Forest proved to be a warm and still night but moth numbers actually fell below expectations. It's too early to suggest accurate total species numbers between the various 7 traps in use, but typical catches were plus/minus 100 species, so maybe combined after all the micros have been identified, we'll be between 150 and 200 species, I suspect. The target was Orange moth and in total 5 were seen, 4 at one pair of traps and 1 and another location. A nice bonus was 6 Great Oal Beauty which arrived at one pair of traps but not elsewhere. The following night I went to Mowley Wood but it had turned wet then cold so nothing really to report from that spot, although the bottle of beer was nice and cold and Mars bar not soggy. Peter Hall

Dymock Forest: Beautiful Snout

Dymock Forest: Great Oak Beauty

Dymock Forest: Great Oak Beauty

Dymock Forest: Orange moth


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