Friday, 16 September 2016

Bringsty Common this week

All the talk this week was of migrant moths, with winds coming directly from the Sahara. I think the highlight was Evan Bowen-Jones catching a Convolvulus Hawk-moth on Bromyard Downs. Convolvulus Hawks have been turning up all over the place, with the exception of my garden of course.
It was an interesting week, dictated by unusually warm and muggy weather, thunderstorms on Tuesday and an annoyingly bright moon.

Monday (12th) I ran 2 mv lights in the garden. The traps were pretty busy for the time of year. Overall 274 moths of which 256 were macros - 32 species. For micros 18 moths of 11 species.  Back in first place was Brimstone again (31), followed by Large Yellow Underwing (30), Green Carpet (27), Snout (23) and then Centre-barred Sallow (22). What a good year this last one is having. Migrants? Silver Y (2) and Udea ferrugalis (1). My first Brown-spot Pinion of the year, Brindled Green (3), Lunar Underwing (4). I had 9 Copper Underwing - as yet no Svensson's. My first Pale Mottled Willow of the year and presumably a second brood Pinion-streaked Snout. Sallow moth was a regular (7).

Tuesday (13th) we had around a half inch of rain, most of it delivered heavily with thunder and lightning. It was still warm and muggy in the evening, so enticed by migrant moths 2 mv lights went out again. What a difference. 110 moths of which 94 were macros. 22 species of macro, 8 micro species. I make that a 60% drop in numbers. Topping the bill were Snout (13), Large Yellow Underwing (11) and Brimstone (10). Migrants? One Silver Y. Best numbers of Autumnal Rustic for the year (6), my first Svensson's Copper Underwing and a nice second brood Olindia schumacherana.

Wednesday (14th). Still warm and muggy but clear skies and a very bright moon. So bright, I had a clear shadow and could make out colour. Only 86 moths of which 69 were macros. 23 species of macro and 6 micro. Topping the bill was Green Carpet (11), Snout joint second (8) with Acleris variegana (8) and then Light Emerald (7). My first Pink-barred Sallow made an appearance. Migrants? None.

Thursday (15th). An evening at Broadmoor Common meant only 1 mv was put out in the garden. No rain at all but it was partly cloudy and the moon came and went and it was slightly cooler than previous nights, but still fairly warm. 53 moths of which 46 were macros. 19 macro species and 6 micros. Topping the bill - tied between Large Yellow Underwing (7) and Brimstone (7). Next best was Square-spot Rustic on 5. Migrants? Yippee a Vestal and 4 Silver Y.

The moth traps have been put away for a few days. So in the space of a week I went from nearly 300 moths to just over 50. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Brindled Green

Bringsty Common: Pink-barred Sallow

Bringsty Common: Vestal

Bringsty Common: Sallow

Bringsty Common: Oak Nycteoline

Bringsty Common: Olindia schumacherana

Bringsty Common: Frosted Orange


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