Thursday, 22 September 2016

Another Vestal

I thought I'd use that title for Phyl. Ran one trap in the garden last night in Bringsty Common (E. Herefordshire) and was rewarded with 92 moths of 28 species, 25 of which were macro-moths. Topping the list was Lunar Underwing (21). Lots of Autumnal species now including Black Rustic, Beaded Chestnut, Brown-spot Pinion, Pink-barred Sallow. Still getting Square-spot rustic, Centre-barred Sallow and Rosy Rustic. Momentarily excited when I saw a huge moth on the wooden lamp holder of the mv trap, but it was a Red Underwing...and I did check the underwings just in case of Clifden Nonpareil. I usually see most of my annual Red Underwings on the house wall first thing in the morning, but this is the first record for this year. Migrants? Nothing as exciting as Gavin's moth, 1 Silver Y and 1 Vestal. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Red Underwing

Bringsty Common: Red Underwing

Bringsty Common: Vestal

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