Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Another garden first

Last night I was surprised to discover a Cypress Pug sitting on the rain guard! I am not aware of the status of this moth in the county-I do recall Mike having one at Norchard some years ago. Can anyone enlighten me? Very few Autumn moths so far-only 3 Lunar Underwings! Best micro last night was campoliliana.


  1. Well done Ian. The Worcestershire website has 14 records up to 2014, the first being in 1999. My first at Norchard was in 2007. This year I have had a fresh one on the 25th of August, and a worn one on the 16th of September, making 3 in total. Regards Mike

  2. I had one in Dodford on 14th September, a first for me as well. Prior to that I had seem quite a few reports from around the country on various internet sites so I suspect it may be spreading. There is certainly no shortage of foodplant!


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