Monday, 21 March 2016

The Moth Year so far..

Into double figures for the year last night, garden west of Kidderminster, with a Red green carpet. . Pleasing  is the addition of 2 lifers already, Early Moth and Acleris cristana. My Local Orange Underwings are yet to show. No Spring Satellite since 2012, no Dotted Border March Moth or Pine Beauty this month yet.

In order of appearance
23/1 Pale Brindled Beauty
31/1 Hebrew Character
27/2 Early Moth
10/3 Small Quaker
        Common Quaker
        Yellow Horned
12/3 Acleris cristana
19/3 Early Thorn
        Beautiful Plume
20/3 Red Green Carpet


  1. Quite a few Dotted Border and March Moth were out in second week of February - since then some cold weather spells may mean that's pretty well it for those this year now....though somebody somewhere may still get one!

  2. Hopefully some better conditions on the horizon Steve.

  3. 7 species there I have not recorded yet this year at Halesowen although I did have one 10-species night just over a week ago. Right now I am stuck in a rut with just Common Quaker and Hebrew Character, joined last night by a single Oak Beauty.

  4. spoke too soon (as usual); March Moth here last night plus a nice Caloptilia semifascia and another Oak Beauty here as well

  5. A slightly unpredictable start to the season I think ! ?


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