Sunday, 20 March 2016

Searching for Psychoides

I spent a wonderful sunny and mild evening searching for early stages around Hallow church to the sound of Blackbirds singing and the sight of Bee-flies sunning in the last rays of evening sunlight. It definitely felt like spring, and had me excited for all the day-flying micros that will no doubt be emerging soon!

Ended up with a good haul of Psychoides verhuella (and a couple of P. filicivora) to rear, collected from Hart's-tongue Fern along one of the footpath that runs down to the Severn from Hallow. I've never seen the adult (or the larvae) before, so would be nice if at least a couple of them emerged successfully.

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  1. I've reared a couple of each species without problems - the larvae I had readily transferred to fresh leaves when necessary. Good luck.


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