Sunday, 13 March 2016

More Moths

A Shoulder Stripe was the highlight at Warndon garden on Friday night. Last night's actinic effort at Warndon Wood produced an early V-Pug, Small Brindled Beauty and March Moth. 36 moths of 8 common species in garden overnight. 80 minutes in Trench Wood NR, Worcs this afternoon produced a single Orange Underwing, firstly in flight then landing on a medium height birch branch and giving good binocular views of its rich brown upperwing and pale patches as it crept slowly higher before launching back off again! Surprisingly no butterflies though.

Shoulder Stripe, Warndon 11th March

Trench Wood, 13th March

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  1. One Shoulder Stripe here at Halesowen on Saturday night amongst 10 species in the garden trap. I put an actinic out last night but it was quite a bit colder and all I had to show for it was a single Common Quaker and single Small Quaker.


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