Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Orange Underwings

As the sun was mostly out at lunchtime, went along the main ride in from the car park at Trench Wood to the first major crossroads opposite a couple of conifers at 13:30. Had 6 sightings of presumed Orange Underwings in an hour, keeping fairly high towards the tops of Birch and Oak. Two did come lower when followed with binoculars and one actually came up, probably off the ground just yards from my walking feet. They looked fairy large, well marked and richly coloured and seeing the date is only just past mid-March I was happy they were Orange - although the sister species can be seen at the exactly the same place, usually from late March to mid-April.  A lot of thinning and clearing has been going on over two winters and the woodland at that point is now quite open to the east. This may give chance for the ground flora to diverse which may increase the species regime. Wonder if either Grizzled or Dingy Skippers could get back in? A group of 5 very vocal Marsh Tits was a welcome diversion from checking the treetops, which as yet have no leaves on whatsoever. This appears to illustrate the stuttered sluggish spring so far. Surprisingly no butterflies were seen.
Steve Whitehouse

Trench Wood east ride, 18th March

Trench Wood main ride, 18th March

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