Monday, 16 March 2015

5 Week Overview

I thought I'd update you on a few Stats that blogger lets you see. We've been running for about 5 weeks now, since I posted the first test message on February 8th. Comparing it with the other 2 moth blogs I have an interest in, the site is just as busy (quiet?) as the others and will presumably build up momentum now as the season kicks in. I made visible the list of contributors last week, after it finally hit my threshold level, it is still fairly small, but hopefully will now grow steadily as word gets out. You can now view them all on the right hand side. We had 980 views of the website in February. Yesterday, as an example, we had 33 views and our audience is split almost 50:50 between the UK and the USA and a small readership in Ireland. I know the UTB blog has a decent following in the USA also and hits as far away as Fiji and South Korea. What are your impressions so far, now most of you are used to it? Peter Hall


  1. Thanks Peter.
    It seems to be going pretty well. I am certainly finding it interesting to see what everyone else is catching / seeing.
    Tony and I have just sent off an article for the Comma - a review of 2014 - which includes a plug for the Blog so maybe we will get a few new customers from that.
    Oliver Wadsworth

  2. I would like to see more posts from more people because I find it so valuable to hear what other people are doing and what species they are seeing. Already this year, as a result of this blog I have left an actinic in local woodland after reading Steve's post about 'dumping' a trap in Trench for a few hours. Bill's post about sweeping conifers was an 'eye opener' - I often sweep grassland, heathland and moorland later in the season but had never really thought about sweeping conifers at this time of year for over-wintering moths. (I have not managed it yet because they are all too wet at the moment).
    Would it be feasible to email all recorders to make them aware of the blog and perhaps encourage them to use it?

    1. Most of the regular contributors to the database should be aware of the blog since I put a note about it in the review which was emailed out a week or two ago.
      I hope the comma article will catch a few more and a similar article will be in the Worcs Recorder in due course.

  3. Thanks Patrick (and Oliver). To my mind, this is exactly what this blog is designed to do and it is bringing us all closer together already. I'm sure new people will slowly join as word spreads and the weather warms


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