Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Elusive Elachistas

I have been looking for what used to be called Biselachista cinereopunctella, now plain Elachista cinereopunctella, for several years without success.
Tony has recorded it at Trench Wood and Windmill Hill amongst other places in the county but not since 2001. Its main food plant is Glaucous Sedge Carex flacca.
Having failed again in my searches this year Tony kindly put me out of my misery by letting me have these larvae to photograph, which he found at Queens Wood VC36 last week. They have just left the mines and have fixed themselves to the base of the leaves for pupation.

It might now be too late for mining larvae this year but the pupae should be present, close to the vacated mines - we still have no new records for VC37, so if you find any do let us know!
Oliver Wadsworth

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