Sunday, 29 March 2015

Dotted Chestnut

Following two Dotted Chestnuts in October last year, I have now taken three to my garden Robinson trap during March, more usual than the Autumn records.. It was interesting to read about the species possible link to the ant Lasius Fuliginosus which is also present in my garden. The adult has been found to overwinter in the ants nest. I always find the abdomen markings of the moth intriguing. I will have a look for the hairy larva later on.
Better night last night with Pale Pinion, Early Thorn, and Early Grey new for year.


  1. Only one record of Dotted Chestnut from my garden Mike - not sure about Lasius Fuliginosus! I look forward to reading more posts about your excellent garden moths.

  2. Hi Patrick, I looked in my ant hive today, plenty of ants but no sign of the moth. There is an article in Worcestershire Record issue 23 about the ant hive. I will keep trying to find a link between the two. Cheers Mike

  3. I have read the article, Mike, fascinating stuff!


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