Thursday, 19 February 2015

Little Cowarne, Herefordshire 2014

I arrived in the rental house early February last year and stayed in the end for 9 months, leaving the end of November - so almost a full season. I missed the July really warm spell as I was away in Northern Scotland, so I was surprised with how many species I recorded for a first year. The total stands at 403 species. The garden sits in a very rural spot surrounded by sheep grazed fields, so I wasn't expecting too much activity. Some of these that I regard as nice records, you'll regards as common (I'm new to the area): Scarlet Tiger, Garden Tiger, Muslin Footman, Silver Cloud and Argyresthia trifasciata. The split was 150 micro species and 253 macros. Peter Hall

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  1. 403 species in the first year is very impressive, especially missing good weather in July. I have never caught a Garden Tiger in my own trap (at any site), only seen two in companion's traps.


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