Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Celypha woodiana

With a couple of minutes to spare before a statistics lecture yesterday I decided to check a small clump of Mistletoe - growing on a Hawthorn in one of the car parks at Worcester University - on the off chance that I might stumble across the mines of the enigmatic Celypha woodiana (I'm an exciting student).

Surprisingly, the first leaf I checked had the active early stage of a leaf-mine, with a couple of vacated mines nearby. Certainly not a species I expected to find on an isolated clump of Mistletoe in a busy car park on a university campus, but perhaps it isn't as restricted in its habitat needs as the literature would suggest?

Celypha woodiana

Celypha woodiana

If anyone has any tips for rearing C. woodiana, feel free to share them!  

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  1. Hi Billy,
    potentially a very good find.
    Please see new post - I cant add photos to a comment...


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