Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Bagworm hunting in Wyre

I went searching for leaf-mines and bagworms in Wyre on Sunday 8th Feb (sorry half my sightings were over the border in Shropshire - as I was along the Dowles Brook).
I saw Taleporia tubulosa and Psyche casta cases plus an old case from a Land Caddis (sorry not a moth of course!). Also found feeding signs of Psychoides filicivora and Nemapogon clematella. Mines were the usual Coptotriche marginea and Stigmella aurella agg. on brambles plus Ectoedemia atrifrontella/longicaudella on young oak branches. Hardest though was sorting out the smaller bagworm cases. 2 were probably Narycia duplicella and one was possibly Dahlica lichenella plus some unidentified small bagworms. Dave Grundy
Narycia duplicella
Narycia duplicella 
possible Dahlica lichenella
Psyche casta
Taleporia tubulosa
Land Caddis case


  1. It would be nice if it was Ectoedemia longicaudella, but so far it's only in Bernwood forest in Bucks (and doing very well there too). I've just chopped 2 Narycia duplicellas from Little Cowarne (Herefordshire) today in fact and am intending to photograph the bits of the male for the dissection site.

  2. A very interesting post Dave. Good to see something on the move this time of year!

  3. Dave,
    Sam and I were along the Dowles the following day, it was more a birding walk than mothing however.


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