Monday, 9 February 2015

Garden Moth Scheme

The Garden Moth Scheme collects information from people around the UK who run a moth-trap on a regular weekly basis in their gardens. The scheme is organising a conference in 2015,  at the Chiltern Woodland Burial Park near Beaconsfield, in Buckinghamshire on Sunday 1 March 2015. 

The programme looks excellent. If you'd like to attend you need to book a place by contacting Janet Cheney. For full details see:

For more about the Garden Moth Scheme see:

Peter Hall

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  1. For anybody recording in their garden (and don't we all?) this is a very worthwhile scheme. Not only for the information gained on fluctuating moth populations in gardens throughout the UK, but also as an incentive to put the trap out at least once a week.
    Without the discipline imposed by taking part in the GMS my garden recording would be far more infrequent.


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