Friday, 25 October 2019

Bringsty Common October 24th

The dog gets a final walk along the track usually around 11.30pm and I carry my head torch to look out for the "Novemnals" in flight. Best night so far was the coldest when my weather station showed just 3 degrees. Mostly Pale November and November, but last night my first Autumnal was caught. In all cases I look at the octavals and spine (or lack of) on the valva under a low power microscope. Last night I also ran a Robinson in the garden, the first time in just over a week hoping for Sprawler which should be coming out about now. No luck, but not too bad for the time of year...again in no particular order: Merveille du Jour (3), Green Brindled Crescent (5), Yellow-line Quaker (2), Red-line Quaker (1), Figure of Eight (2), Mottled Umber (1), Beaded Chestnut (3), Red-green Carpet (1), Chestnut (1), Black Rustic (1), Grey Shoulder-knot (1), Pale November (2), November (2), both these last 2 gen checked. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Mottled Umber

Bringsty Common: Figure of Eight

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