Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Bringsty Common October 15th

Nice to see Clifden Nonpareils still arriving (see Mike's post).  Last night the temperature was due to stay in double digits (just) with a rain band crossing. As per usual it had dipped to 7 degrees just after dusk, but did return to double digits by 2am. Not a lot of rain, 1.8mm. Anyway I ran 1 trap in the garden and pleased I didn't go farther afield. 17 species recorded and listed in no particular order (as they say on Strictly CD): Common Marbled Carpet (2), Feathered Thorn (2), Red-green Carpet (2), Red-line Quaker (1), Merveille du Jour (1), Dark Chestnut (1), Lunar Underwing (1), Sallow (2), Green Brindled Crescent (7), Chestnut (1), Beaded Chestnut (1), Figure of 8 (1), Black Rustic (1), Yellow-line Quaker (1), Snout (1), Grey Shoulder-knot (1) and November (1) - octavals etc inspected. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Grey Shoulder-knot

Bringsty Common: Feathered Thorn

Bringsty Common: Merveille du Jour

Bringsty Common: Figure of 8

Bringsty Common: Dark Chestnut

Bringsty Common: Red-line Quaker


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