Saturday, 20 July 2019

Trench Wood 12/7/19

Tony Simpson and I ran light traps at Trench Wood last Friday night to provide moths for a Moth Breakfast organised by Butterfly Conservation the following morning.
Conditions were good and the traps were busy with the usual species for the time of year plus one or two local specialities and one new moth for the county.
A little over 100 species were recorded in total.

Trench wood is our only site in the county for Mere Wainscot. First recorded in 1945 and still regularly seen at light in the wood. Nationally, the moth occurs mostly to the south and east in Oxfordshire, the Fens and the Brecks in East Anglia.
Mere Wainscot

The warm, still conditions made it a good night for micros. A number of Gelechiids were seen including Carpatolechia fugitivella and C.alburnella. Also the large Tineid, Morophaga choragella, which looks like a Cork moth on steroids being nearly twice the size.
Morophaga choragella

The surprise of the night was a very fresh and bright Eudonia delunella. This is a new addition to the Worcestershire list. The bulk of the English records are from Cornwall, Dorset and Hampshire. It is also recorded regularly in Wales and once from Herefordshire, but it is largely absent from the central part of the country so its appearance here is unexpected.
Eudonia delunella
Oliver Wadsworth.

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