Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Hartlebury Common

There was a 'Bio Blitz' event at Hartlebury Common last weekend with Moth trapping on the Friday evening. As always with these event we were at the mercy of the elements, but for a change we had good overnight temperatures and next to no wind - always a good thing on an open site like this heathland fragment.
Most of the usual and expected species were seen between 10 or so traps. These included site specialities Archer's Dart and Pempelia palumbella. My own trap caught Scarce Silver lines and Sophronia semicostella, pictured below.

With such good conditions we might have expected better results, but catches were only 'average' for the time of year with maybe 50 species per trap. The night total may nudge 100 when all the results come in.

Pempelia palumbella
Scarce Silver lines
Sophronia semicostella
Oliver Wadsworth

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