Saturday, 6 July 2019

Haugh Wood

I ran two traps last night on the south side of the wood. It was slightly cooler than forecast, so moth numbers were also supressed a bit. Lots of glow-worms and I was joined for 45 minutes by Ledbury Naturalists on their glow-worm hunt. Males were attracted to the generator light as per usual. 120 specis of moth, huge numbers of Epagoge grotiana and Aleimma loeflingiana made for a busy night. Of interest was a Ruddy Carpet and an Endotricha flammealis also appeared. Not a common moth in the county and most records from the Doward. Mocha, Blotched Emerald, Leopard made appearances and the Footman moths are also starting up, with Scarce and Common featuring. Peter Hall

Haugh Wood: Very bright glow-worm

Haugh Wood: Agapeta zoegana

Haugh Wood: Ruddy Carpet

Haugh Wood: Endotricha flammealis

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