Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Blackneck and Dioryctria sp,

Some local movement saw my second garden record of Blackneck the first being in 2003 here at Norchard, Worcs. A Dioryctria sp. was trapped as well. It is only 12mm long, making it a bit small for D abietella. Can it be identified from the photo?


  1. Two of the 4 species are smaller: schuetzeella and simplicella with wingspans around 22-24mm. Simplicella is a very grey moth and also the sub-terminal lines differ between the two species, so for me the favourite is schuetzeella based on this, but of course the angle of photo isn't perfect to see this so well. If you still have the moth I can mail you the relevant page from Slamka Pyraloidea of Central Europe.

  2. Thanks Peter. The moth has been kindly looked at by Oliver and it is a small well marked female D simplicella


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