Sunday, 21 April 2019

Wigmore Rolls April 20th

Wigmore Rolls: Great Prominent

Wigmore Rolls: Lunar Marbled-brown
I chose the well wooded hilly section of the forest to shelter from the moon. It worked as it never appeared until pack up time at midnight after a 3 hour session. However, the forecast minimum of 11 was wrong (as per usual) and it had touched 7 at pack up time, so moth activity was curtailed this time by temperature. Tonights excursion has been postponed for a night as it should get milder from Monday for a few nights. The traps were set up about 60 yards apart ann not in line of sight as per usual. Interestingly one trap recorded 16 Great Prominent, the other had none, so it maybe shows how local species can be and how important chosing the trap location is too. Lunar Marbled-brown topped the numbers list with 51, Great Prominent next, otherwise it was much as you would get in the garden. Just 18 species. Peter Hall

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