Saturday, 20 April 2019

Haugh Wood April 19th

It's nice to get warm nights in April, so it was with a tinge of excitement that I went off for my first outing of the year to Haugh Wood. At swtich on it was still 15 degrees and just as I sat down (having positioned a trap wisely right next to a bench), the biggest moon I have ever seen became visible just above the horizon. So I had about 45 minutes of moth activity then it became so bright that it almost shut down any moths arriving at all. Very disappointing. Lack of leaves in the woods didn't help. Of the 3 hour session, the last hour was largely spent reading my book. 18 species of macro and so far 3 micro, with 3 more to id when I get a moment. The range of moths is changing now to include late Spring/early Summer species. So apart from the usual crew I also recorded Mocha, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Lobster, Least Black Arches, Purple Thorn, Great Prominent and what I think is the earliest ever Tawny-barred Angle for Herefordshire. In recent days my garden has turned up Clouded Silver and Maidens Blush. I'll try again tonight elsewhere, but will remember to take my book again, and maybe sunglasses too. Peter Hall
Werewolves about perhaps

Haugh Wood: Mocha

Haugh Wood: Tawny-barred Angle

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