Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Haugh Wood

With the warm spell set to end,  last night I decided to go and run 2 mv traps in Haugh Wood.  Rob Hemming decided to join me and he also ran 2 traps a little further down the track in the north section of the wood.  It was very pleasantly warm for the 3 hour session.  Slow and steady might describe it well.  Topping the bill for my 2 traps at least was Brindled Pug with 129 individuals counted (unless you include Cockchafer!!).  It was like a transition session with Spring species like Common Quaker, Hebrew Character, Chestnut and even one Grey Shoulder-knot mixed with early Summer species like Orange Footman (11), Mocha (1), Grey Birch 2), Square Spot (17), Silver Cloud (3) and so on.  First Hawk-moth too - a Lime Hawk.   And the Peppered-moth (1) season kicked off with form insularia. I recorded exactly 60 species from my 2 traps (52 macro and 8 micro) and a total of 462 individual moths.
Back home in the garden,  the female Emperors continue to attract males, with 3 coming to the netted cage yesterday late afternoon. The overnight trap run in the garden didn't fare quite so well as Haugh, with 29 species recorded, 28 macro and 1 micro.  Topping the bill again was Brindled Pug (20) followed by Muslin (15).  Small Phoenix (1) made an appearance (at Haugh too), plus Pale Tussock (1), Cinnabar (1) and White Ermine (1) Peter Hall
Haugh Wood: Barred Hook-tip

Haugh Wood: Clouded border

Haugh Wood: Grey Birch

Haugh Wood: Lunar Marbled Brown

Haugh Wood: Mocha

Haugh Wood: Square Spot

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