Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Bank Holiday warmth bonanza

After several rather chilly evenings, last night (Monday) provided 85 macros of 27 species and some welcome 12 species of micros.The latter included oxyncanthae, grisella (Lesser Wax Moth), oehlmanniella, trinotella, badiana and two steinkellneriana. Macro highlights were Oak Hook Tip, Early Tooth Striped, Nut Tree Tussock, Powdered Quaker, Streamer and Ochreous Pug.
There were at least 40 Brindled Pugs last night-so far this year I've trapped 134 of these. The previous best was 56 in 2010! It's also nice to record good numbers of  V and Oak Tree Pugs, while both Dwarf and Currant have made appearances this week.

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  1. I know of several people who've had more Brindled Pugs than usual. Anyone know of possible cause?


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