Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Bringsty Common

Ran 2 mv traps in the garden last night (15th), although it was quite breezy at least for the early part of the night.  50 species, of which 43 were macros.  The Common is covered in large tracts of bracken, so it is no surprise to find Bown Silver-line the most plentiful with 20 individuals.  I recorded (2) Seraphim also, a species I don't often see here, despite a large Lombardy Poplar close by and a rapidly growing Aspen planted in the garden too.  Other species of interest were Grey Birch (1),  Alder Kitten (2), Buff-tip (1), Silver Cloud (1) and the first Scoparia ambigualis of the season.  Hawk-moths are on the increase with (6) Poplar-hawk and (1) Lime-hawk in the traps. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Alder Kitten

Bringsty Common: Seraphim

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