Monday, 25 September 2017

Clifden Nonpareil in Eastham

Ken Willetts had a very nice surprise in his garden moth trap up in north west Worcestershire yesterday -
Clifden Nonpareil - formerly resident in parts of the south east of the country but now a rare migrant, a first for VC37 Worcestershire.

Encouragement, if any were needed, to keep trapping at this time of year - you never know what might turn up.

72.076 BF2451
Clifden Nonpareil Catocala fraxini


  1. There's been quite a few turn up this year in the Upper Thames area, in fact each year produces more records. A few days ago 2 turned up in Bedfordshire, which was a county first, so I'm hoping these are now resident and spreading towards our region. Seems you have to check around the trap as only a few venture inside. UTB records started again in 2003 after a gap of over a hundred years.

  2. I think it is accepted as a resident again in most counties south of the Thames and it seems to be pushing its way northwards. Let's hope so - a fantastic moth!


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