Thursday, 21 September 2017

Bringsty Common September 20th

The first warmer night for ages, so out went 1 trap despite the stiff breeze.  Found a sheltered spot behind a hedge and the trap was very appealing to wasps during the night, which made me take extra care going through the egg boxes this morning. 18 species of macro and 5 micro.  Topping the bill was Lunar Underwing with 12 individuals followed by Autumnal Rustic with 10.  Late Summer/early Autumn moths like Frosted Orange, Sallow, Brown-spot Pinion, Beaded Chestnut, Black Rustic and Ypsolopha parenthesella all made appearances.  No migrants, but then the recent northerly winds will account for that. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common:  Light Emerald

Bringsty Common: Frosted Orange

Bringsty Common:  Hypsopygia costalis

Bringsty Common: Autumnal Rustic

Bringsty Common: Beaded Chestnut

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