Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Bringsty Common September 4th

As it was going to be mild and humid I ran 2 mv traps in the garden last night to see what was about.  38 species of macro-moth and 15 micro-moth.  I have to say, nothing to get excited about.  2 Dark Sword-grass a Silver Y and 1 Plutella xylostella made up the migrants.  Lots of Thorns - Dusky, Canary-shouldered, Early, September and August all made an appearance.  A rather late Common Lutestring.  1 Pale Eggar.  Topping the bill was Large Yellow underwing (68) followed by Square-spot Rustic (65).  For micros Celypha lacunana was commonest with 14.  Most of my pots were "Ophion ichneumons" for Gavin Broad at the NHM, rather than moths.  Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Dark Sword-grass

Bringsty Common: Feathered Gothic

Bringsty Common: Pale Eggar

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