Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Monkwood 4th April

I spent an hour or two at Monkwood in a fruitless search for Paracrania chrysolepidella but netted just 2 Heliozela sericiella and 2 Incurvaria pectinea along with several subpurpurella.  
Patrick Clement

Heliozela sericiella

Incurvaria pectinea


  1. Flawless photography as usual. I've seen both of these in the past week down here in Surrey but didn't manage blog worthy images of either!

    1. Cheers Bill, after netting these at Monkwood and returning to the car park I got talking to a young chap about butterflies, moths and then micro moths, at which point he started telling me about someone he knew who had just graduated from Worcester Uni and who was 'absolutely brilliant' at micro moths, "That must be Billy Dykes" I said. I didn't get his name but he told me he had spent 4 months volunteering in a Honduras rain forest. Ring any bells?


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