Monday, 17 April 2017

Bringsty April 16th

My captive bred Emperors have started hatching, so I have been quickly separating the females from the males and hanging the females up in a netted cage in the garden. There are currently 16 hanging up sending out pheromones to lure in males. I managed 5 males this way last year, but this year they are about 2 weeks earlier hatching, so I'll update you if I get some success again. The sun needs to come out. The window of attraction seems to be quite narrow between 2 and 4pm usually.

Female Emperor doing its stuff

Then last night despite the chill, I ran a moth trap in the garden , otherwise most of April will be gone without much activity. 16 macros and one micro with the first appearances of many, including Pale Tussock, Swallow Prominent, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Pebble Prominent and Poplar-hawk. Commonest was Clouded Drab at 11, then Brinded Beauty and Hebrew Character with 9 each. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Brindled Beauty

Bringsty Common: Poplar-hawk

Bringsty Common: Twin-spotted Quaker

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