Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Monkwood 30th March

Eriocrania cicatricella
With a promising weather forecast I joined Steve and Oliver at Monkwood hoping to catch up with the only Eriocraniidae species I have yet to see, Paracrania chrysolepidella and although I failed to see my target it was an enjoyable night with several firsts for the year. The persistent spots of rain were a minor irritation and temperatures remained in double figures.
I recorded 31 species, of which 12 were micros, with highlights for me being Perittia obscurepunctella and Dotted Chestnut while 4 Eriocraniidae species were recorded including E. cicatricella from one of Steve's traps.      Patrick Clement
Dotted Chestnut
Perittia obscurepunctella

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