Monday, 20 March 2017

Monkwood Leaf Mines I

Last mid-October Oliver Wadsworth kindly accompanied me around Monkwood NR looking for leaf mines on a variety of trees and shrubs. Alder and Sallow leaves (and other species) were then stored on slightly damp kitchen roll in see-through containers outside in a cold but dry rabbit hutch in the garden.

The various containers were all brought into the garage for a week in early February and the majority then moved again into a warm office mid-month. Two superb but visually quite different male Phyllonorycter rajellas (one below) emerged on 21st February.
Next day a Phyllonorycter hilarella was next to come out of Sallow. (see below)
A Phyllonorycter dubitella followed from Sallow on 25th February (see below).
 Also on the 26th a typically dark male Phyllonorycter stettinensis emerged from Alder followed by an orange form female on the 27th. (both below)

Finally two superb Phyllonorycter klemannellas both with deep orange 'crests' came out of the alder on 1st and 2nd of March. (one below)
Photographs of most adult moths by Patrick Clement. The process is still on going with 3 more species emerging by mid-March part II to follow

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