Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bringsty Common March 15th

Freshly back from my long trip to the sub-continent, and enthusiastic after a lovely Spring day, I decided to run one moth trap down the garden. Temperatures dropped quickly and the 17 achieved late afternoon quickly became 10 at dusk and finally dropping to 3.4 a short while before dawn.

I recorded 14 species, with Clouded Drab topping the frequency list at 32, followed by Common Quaker at 18 and Hebrew Character with 16. Small Quaker (8), Early Grey (5), Oak Beauty (5), Red Chestnut (4), White-marked (3), Twin-spotted Quaker (2) and then individuals of Shoulder Stripe, March, Grey Shoulder-knot, Pale Pinion and Brindled Pug. If my maths is correct 98 moths in total. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Egg boxes quite "busy"

Bringsty Common: Red Chestnut

Bringsty Common: Shoulder Stripe

Bringsty Common: Small Quaker

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