Monday, 13 March 2017

Chaddesley Woods NR

A first outing of the year on the 10th March to Chaddesley for Patrick Clement, Stuart and myself under clouding skies, calm and 12.5 degrees C at dusk. 22 species were recorded by 22:30 including highlights of The V-Pug, 6 Shoulder Stripe and 7 Red Chestnut.
The V-Pug by Patrick Clement

Twin-spotted Quaker, several Engrailed and Yellow Horned, 2 Ypsolopha ustella and 6 Semioscopis avellanella. Numbers of Noctuids remained low with only a single Satellite. Other notables were Small Brindled Beauty, 2 Oak Nycteolines, 2 Brindled Pugs and a large gathering of March Moth around the far trap.

Semioscopis avellanella by Steve Whitehouse
Shoulder Stripe by Steve Whitehouse
The Engrailed by Patrick Clement
Red Chestnut by Steve Whitehouse

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