Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Dotted Borders

following the short cold snap, I thought a visit to Warndon Wood may be worthwhile but rain forecast at 20:00 meant I went with just the headtorch not the usual actinic. 30 minutes along the western perimeter paths produced 9 male Dotted Borders all clinging to outermost branches but none attached to any females so
Dotted Border
 maybe they had just emerged. The best patterned one is seen here. A smaller geo scuttled off as I tried to home in and may have been a Early Moth. A presumed Tortricodes alternella flew past. A quick check of the outside café lights at the Nunnary Wood Visitor Centre was fruitless apart from two long-dead Winter Moths in the old cobwebs. The rain arrived bang on cue.

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