Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Ruddy Carpet - Dodford

Trapped in the garden on Sunday night (24/6/18) and (maybe foolishly) put  out 3 traps, 2x MV and an actinic. It was a clear night with little wind and temperatures ranged from 17.9 to 12.9.

All 3 traps were busy in the morning and there was a total of 128 species and 734 moths in total.

Star of the show was Ruddy Carpet. New for me and new for the garden.

Ruddy Carpet

Also new for the garden were Satin Beauty, Scoparia basistrigalis and Small Yellow Wave (no photo)

Satin Beauty

Scoparia basistrigalis

Pete Smith


  1. Ruddy Carpet is an excellent find. To my eyes your Scoparid looks more like pyralella.

  2. Yes,Peter, very pleased to find the Ruddy Carpet.
    My first thought on the Scoparid was also pyralella but what you can't tell from the photo is the size of the moth it was way way bigger than a typical ambigualis. In Sterling and Parsons pyralella is illustrated smaller than ambigualis which made me look closer and the size, colouring and the strongly chequered cillia led me to basistrigalis


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