Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Kingsford Country Park 6th April

The Kinver Moth Group decided to pitch their first meeting at the adjacent Kingsford CP,  most of which is in VC37. We met by the old toilet block in the car park on Kingsford Lane at 19:15. Four MV traps were set in the heathland section on the opposite side of the road and an actinic was placed on the edge of the car park. At least 30 species were recorded in what were good overcast conditions. The highlight were at least 3 Mottled Grey which may be new for Kingsford.

Mottled Grey by Patrick Clement
Other things of interest were a Herald, possibly just out of hibernation from the nearby caves, Red Chestnut, Early Tooth-striped, Shoulder Stripe, Water Carpet and Yellow Horned. Micros included Acleris cristana, Eriocrania sangii, Caloptilia betulicola and best of all a Carpatolechia decorella in the actinic. Regular meets are planned on the first Friday of each month and Dave Smith can let you know where we will be. Feel free to email me for contact details; - remember to slot @ in!

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