Sunday, 22 April 2018

Haugh Wood

I made a last minute decision to go and trap at Haugh Wood last night.  I was watching a storm track slowly up towards the wood, but in the end it almost missed the site and I sat in the car for 15 minutes only.  It was warm for the first couple of hours and for the time of year, fairly busy.  376 moths caught of 29 species in just short of 3 hours trapping time, commonest by far was Brindled Pug with 146 individuals, although Lunar Marbled Brown did very well with 86 and these gave the feeling of constant activity as they flew lazily across the white sheet taking an age to settle down either in or around the trap.  Of interest for me at least was a single Dotted Chestnut and a couple of Broom-tip - a speciality of this wood, although I think most records are from the south side, last night I was trapping in the north section.  Peter Hall
Haugh Wood: Dotted Chestnut

Haugh Wood: Broom-tip

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