Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Heringocrania unimaculella

In the absence of good weather for light-trapping I have been out netting in the daytime trying to locate  my still-unseen species of Eriocraniidae. On Sunday at Uffmoor Wood I finally caught up with Heringocrania unimaculella, a species described as common and widespread, but one that had evaded me.
Heringocrania unimaculella, male.
Buoyed by success I today attempted to complete the set by visiting Monkwood to see the Hazel-feeding species, Paracrania chrysolepidella. It was recorded there to MV light quite recently and so, arriving in good weather and seeing the abundance of Hazel, I felt confident. An hour and a half later all I had to show for all that sweeping of Hazel branches was a dozen subpurpurella and an aching arm. Perhaps I'll have more luck with the mines next month.
Patrick Clement

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