Thursday, 14 April 2016

Bringsty Common April 13th

The last 2 nights have been less cold than of late, so out went the moth trap at long last after a single outing in late January. Last night was by far the most productive and my weather station told me that it stayed in double digits up until around 23.30pm and only fell to 6.4 close to dawn. There was also the odd shower, one of which was hard enough to wake me up. The count last night was 116 moths of 18 species (excluding the Endrosis sarcitrella at the kitchen window), with Hebrew Character topping the list at 41 individuals, followed by Clouded Drab at 23 and Common Quaker at 21. Nothing very exciting, but always nice to get Powdered Quaker (1), Frosted Green (2), White-marked (2), Oak Nycteoline (1) and Brindled Beauty (2) amongst others. Micros were represented by a single Epinotia immundana. Over the 2 nights, I recorded 21 species.

Tonight looks wet at the moment, then it gets colder again. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Egg trays were quite busy

Bringsty Common: Brindled Beauty

Bringsty Common: Frosted Green

Bringsty Common: Powdered Quaker

Bringsty Common: White-marked

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  1. Very nice too, but I shall feel hard done by in comparison.


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