Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Yponomeuta sedella

Some time back, in September of last year, I think I posted some photos of the rather pretty larvae of 431_Yponomeuta sedella. These had been found by Harry Green, infesting Orpine plants bought from a nursery in Pershore. The vendors maintain that they were not aware of the infestation when they got the plants so it remains unclear if these larvae are local or not. In any case this record was the first recorded occurrence of this species in VC37 since 1900.

Harry passed the larvae on to Tony who gave me a few to photograph and keep in the hope of seeing adults later on. I was surprised to find the pictured moth a few days ago. My rather too warm garage tends to push things along ahead of time.

Oliver Wadsworth.


  1. I always find these sort of records very interesting, if a little frustrating, in that we shall never know the true origins of these individuals. Great photograph!

  2. Saved me a 390m mile round trip to Suffolk to see it in one of Matthew Dean's traps!


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