Monday, 1 February 2016

Warndon Wood again Sunday

Put the 15w actinic Skinner into Warndon Wood LNR for four and half hours on Sunday evening in 12.5 degrees C, cloudy but breezy  conditions. A very early Brindled Pug, 3 Small Brindled Beauty, a Dotted Chestnut (which does not seem to have been in hibernation very much this winter) and 7 Tortricodes alternella. Too windy for my garden, since my neighbour chopped down the only mature tree giving me any shelter from westerlies!
It's always worth getting your eye in at start of season with common pug species – I see Dave Grundy had 27 in the Wyre in 11 traps on the same night!! 

Thought I was keen with one ‘just up the road’  .....

Warndon Wood: Dotted Chestnut

Warndon Wood: Small Brindled Beauty

Warndon Wood: Brindled Pug


  1. I make that one moth every 22 and a half minutes. What on earth do you do in between?

  2. Return home after switching on and just leave it running on its own till inspection/pack up time! Luckily the wood is only half a mile away and devoid of adults, children and dogs after dusk, at least in winter....

  3. Well worth it just for the Dotted Chestnut. I could manage the setting up part but not so sure I could drag myself back at midnight!....... and as for 11 traps in Wyre........


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