Monday, 7 December 2015

Early species already!

The first night for what seems ages with little wind seemed a good excuse to stash a battery actinic in Trench Wood for 6 hours. Sod's Law as soon as I got it lit - light rain commenced,  so hand held an umbrella over the kit for the first hour! Moths were then coming in quite regularly so left it till 22:40. Amazed to see a Dyseriocrania subpurpurella in by 19:00 followed by a Pale Brindled Beauty. The final tally was a Caloptilia betulicola/elongella, Acleris cristana/hastiana which got away, Dark Chestnut, 13 Mottled Umbers, a Scarce Umber, 2 Feathered Thorns, December Moth,  15+ Winter Moths  and a Red Green Carpet. Got home to find another Pale Brindled Beauty in the garden Robinson. Both beauties are quite dark and very well marked which poses the question ' are the ones we normally see for the first time in January, these days already faded and worn?'.
Warndon: Pale Brindled Beauty

Trench Wood: Pale Brindled Beauty

Trench Wood: Scarce Umber

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  1. I also caught a Pale Brindled Beauty last night at Norchard. It is well marked like your two. You could well be right about the worn spring ones.


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